Order Oz Goose sails

There is information to allow you to make your own sail and save a lot of money. The instructions work for Polytarp, Tyvek and also for regular sailcloth. We recommend sail cloth of about 4oz or 150gsm.

Three Oz Goose sailaboats in Texas - opengoose.com

However we also make very nicely made and finished sails in the Philippines through ReallySimpleSails.com. The sails are distributed through Duckworks in the USA. Though if you are close to the Philippines it may be worth ordering direct.

Sail is the 89sq ft balance lug that is almost standard on the Goose – the advantage of it over the triangular sail is that it can be reefed, dropped and raised with the mast in place (while on the water if necessary).

reallysimplesails.com for inexpensive but well made and very nicely finished sail.Standard Goose and Ozracer 89sq ft balance lug is available off the shelf from Duckworks. They also supply a 105sq ft lug and a 35sq ft canoe and small dinghy lug.

Sails are available for all small to medium size boats – up to about 30ft plus available by emailing us direct. You can also browse some of our projects on the really simple sails website to see if an existing sail design will suit your needs.


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About Michael Storer

Designer of the Oz Goose and several other highly developed sailboat, canoe, rowboat and canoe plans since 1992

Sells plans internationally.

We also make high quality sails for all small boats at extremely competitive prices in the Philippines and export internationally.

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