Details or Buy – Oz Goose current plans now available

CLICK TO ORDER $36 – 110+ page OzGoose 2016 plan from Duckworks and other Storer Boat Plans Agents for $36.

Low cost racing sailboat. Ten boats cost the same as importing one Laser Radial ... Oz Goose sailboat

National Titles 2017 – 17 boats, 45 crew. Three years previously less than 10 of the 45 sailing participants had sailed before.

Start sailing at your sailing club cheaply. One or two crew in a Oz goose - sailing national titles championships 2017.

The plans covers two styles of building.

  1. Built with timber framing – this is the cheapest option for North America and developing nations.
  2. Built with epoxy fillets – this is the fastest building option. It is cheaper in countries where suitable timber for framing or shipping of timber is expensive (EEC, Australia, much of central Europe).

Oz Goose in Cebu - storer boat plans

The plans are very complete and include details of every aspect of building the boat, links to rigging methods etc. They also include complete details on making a sail out of polytarp which can help reduce the budget for the boat by a few hundred dollars.

10 oz geese built by families and corporate groups in cebu - excellent simple sailboat - storer boat plans

It is easy to build – it is a box with only two curved lines. Photo is another of our ten boat building projects in the Philippines. We can built 10 boats with some sponsor help for the same price as importing a single Laser sailing dinghy.

Oz Goose Sailing National Championships 2018 -

Team from Hyde International

Our first Family Boatbuilding Weekend 2015 saw family and corporate groups assemble 10 Oz Geese in three days.

Preparation for the weekend took 8 people 6 days.


The Goose can handle all sorts of difficult conditions with ease. With one …

oz Goose sailboat in rough water and big waves

… or three aboard.

Learners in strong wind - oz goose sailboat

We also have our stock sails available for the goose for those who want an excellent quality sail built of conventional materials – also through Duckworks and other agents – see sail prices here.

low cost club racing boat .. oz goose sailing dinghy for inexpensive but well made and very nicely finished sail.


About Michael Storer
Designer of the Oz Goose and several other highly developed sailboat, canoe, rowboat and canoe plans since 1992 Sells plans internationally. We also make high quality sails for all small boats at extremely competitive prices in the Philippines and export internationally. See our groups on facebook.

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