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Fastest Goose on the lake - really simple sails -

Order Oz Goose sails

Order sails for your Goose or OzRacer or PDRacer if you don’t want to make them. Available “off the shelf” from Duckworks USA – delivered promptly worldwide.
downhaul tension for light and moderate winds on lug rig - oz goose sailboat

Rigging details for the Oz Goose sailboat – and other lug rigged sailboats

What we have learned by sailing and racing the sixteen (now 27 as of last weekend) Oz Geese in the Philippines. Some money saving simplifications and some tweaks that will give a lot more performance to most lug rigged (and other boats). There is nothing unusual in these methods, just a translation of regular racing practice in more conventional boats. Don’t scoff – you can say “I’m a cruiser” – but there are times when everyone wants or needs to get upwind 10 or 20 percent faster.