Oz Goose fully updated plan available in 24 hours

Finally the long awaited Oz Goose plans are finished. (Edit) they are available now.

Plans available from Duckworks and other Storer Boat Plans Agents

Sails available from Duckworks

For those of you who have not seen square boats like this sail there are very good reasons for the shape.

  • Massive stability gives huge sail carrying ability
  • fast – 12 knots is easy and top measured speed is 13.8 knots on a tideless lake

henehan goose GT speed

  • excellent carrying capacity – it sails very well from very light winds with three adults aboard (or two adults and several kids) making it an excellent family boat and TEACHING BOAT. Rarely capsizes even with beginner mistakes in medium to strong winds. If capsized comes up easily and with no water aboard.

teaching sailing with good speed in light winds - oz goose sail boat plan

  • Easy to handle – when heeled in a gust the helm is very balanced and neutral – a small child can steer very easily.

As a downloadable PDF file they will be $36 from Duckworks in the USA or DuckFlat in Australia. 110 pages includes all stages of building including making a powerful home made sail or information to order one of the sails our partner reallysimplesails.com make in the Philippines. This supersedes all previous versions of the Storer designed Goose

oz goose, PD Goose, Puddlegoose plan 2016 - open goose and storer boat plans

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We also make high quality sails for all small boats at extremely competitive prices in the Philippines and export internationally.

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