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Designer of the Oz Goose and several other highly developed sailboat, canoe, rowboat and canoe plans since 1992 Sells plans internationally. We also make high quality sails for all small boats at extremely competitive prices in the Philippines and export internationally. See our groups on facebook. https://www.facebook.com/groups/opengoose/ https://www.facebook.com/groups/160183704015231 https://www.facebook.com/groups/storerboatplans/
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Building the first Oz Goose sailboat in Hungary.
Oz Goose sailboat plans in Magyar Hungarian

Oz Goose Plan now available in Hungarian – Magyar.

Oz Goose plan now available in Magyar – Hungarian. Az OZGoose egy házilag könnyen megépíthető, 1-3 személyes, kiemelkedő teljesítményű vitorláshajó. Barkácsboltból beszerezhető anyagokból, különösebb faipari tudás nélkül, mindössze egy jobb okos-telefon árából megépíthető.
Racing cheap sailing boats - Hyde Sails Oz Goose Nationals Philippines 2017
Oz Goose sailplan Philippines Mk4 - oz goose sailboat

Oz Goose Class Rules 2017 (Philippines) – subject to much change.

This is an initial set of class rules for the Oz Goose Class sailboat. They are to provide a framework for the upcoming 2017 National Philippines Championships. As this is a Philippines Sailing Association (PSA) sanctioned event we need to have a basic class rule available for competitors and measurers. The rule is purely aimed at keeping the boats simple and affordable.
First Oz Goose National Titles Philippines - oz goose sailing dinghy

1st National Championships for Oz Goose sponsor Hyde Sails International

The first National Championships anywhere for the Oz Goose Sailing Dinghy Class will be held this November in the Philippines. Hyde Sails International will be the major sponsor. We have 14 boats confirmed, but it is possible the fleet could reach 20. There will be crews coming from Central and Southern Philippines as well.
Oz Goose simple sailing dinghy hull construction drawing model in CAD - opengoose.com

Useful drawings for builders – CAD model of Oz Goose

A set of wonderful Oz Goose construction images in CAD by Benjamin Shaw show just how easy it is to build. They will be hugely useful to help builders understand the relationship of the different parts during building

Knots for Lug Rig Setup – Oz Goose Sailing.

There are just a few knots to learn. Part of the reason is that because we can’t buy sophisticated fittings in the Philippines we have found simpler and cheaper ways that cut out a lot of expense. By replacing manufactured parts with spectra rope as far as possible. In Australia, the USA, Europe, UK it will save you a big bundle of money when you rig your lug rig boat.
Oz Goose high speed nosedive but with total control. opengoose.com
Low cost racing sailboat. Ten boats cost the same as importing one Laser Radial ... Oz Goose sailboat

Round the Volcano Regatta and Oz Goose Training

Two consecutive weekends of sailing saw a big jump in the boat handling of the Philippines Oz Goose fleet. A huge amount of help from the Taal Lake Yacht Club. We were also joined by members of the National Paralympic Sailing Team.