About the Oz Goose

Teach or Sail for Fun with 3 adults

Race with 1 or 2

Both Photos – 3 Adults Aboard

Learners in strong wind - oz goose sailboat

Sport Sailing is at risk

“Not enough Boats in not enough Countries” – WHY?

1 sailing dinghy for 45K Peso ($900)

10 for 450K

Oz Goose ten boats for the price of a Laser Radial and spares - opengoose.com


One Dinghy for 450K (9500)

Instant Sailing Club

Close Racing

Oz Goose Sailing National Championships 2018 - opengoose.com

115 to 130lbs

Good Performance – Trailer optional

Oz Goose sailboat can be roofracked. No trailer necessary - opengoose.com

Flat Pack Build and Designed to Stack

Building the first Oz Goose sailboat in Hungary. oz goose sail boat - first group build 2015 at Taal Lake Conservation Centre


And the Video – So you can see that they actually do SAIL

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Plans $36 from Duckworks

Why the Oz Goose
Photos of our first Nationals
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