Start sailing at your sailing club cheaply. One or two crew in a Oz goose - sailing national titles championships 2017.

Details or Buy – Oz Goose current plans now available

The OzGoose 2016 plans are available. One plan with all the detail. There is a free upgrade for those who have already purchased the original Storer Boat Plans PDGoose or OzGoose Supplement from Duckworks.
Affordable sailing for everyone - Oz Goose sailboat on prime time TV in the Philippines

Oz Goose on Prime time TV in the Philippines.

On TV – Oz Geese and our super cheap group builds. Taal Lake Yacht Club Commodore (and winner of the recent nationals) shows host of ABS-CBN “On the Money” running through the costs and trying sailing for the first time.
Oz Goose Sailing National Championships 2018 -

Oz Goose Nationals 2018 Slideshow – 17 boats.

The Oz Goose Nationals had 45 participants over the 2 days and 8 races. The most experience sailors came in first and second, but a relative newcomer to sailing slotted into third place.

Video – Oz Goose Nationals – Philippines 2017

A video of a great first ever National Championship event with 17 Oz Geese on the starting line and 45 sailing participants. Many of them had just started sailing in the previous year or two. That is exactly what we want to achieve with the Oz Goose.
Rigging sailboats cheaply - the Oz Goose

Rope Sizes and fittings for the Oz Goose Rigging

he background thinking of this is that building boats in the Philippines means that many parts are not available. This has forced us to eliminate fittings – it is unlikely that you will find another  racing class with as sparse a list as this. And remember … we still want to win races, so this very small list has to work.
Building the first Oz Goose sailboat in Hungary.
Oz Goose sailboat plans in Magyar Hungarian

Oz Goose Plan now available in Hungarian – Magyar.

Oz Goose plan now available in Magyar – Hungarian. Az OZGoose egy házilag könnyen megépíthető, 1-3 személyes, kiemelkedő teljesítményű vitorláshajó. Barkácsboltból beszerezhető anyagokból, különösebb faipari tudás nélkül, mindössze egy jobb okos-telefon árából megépíthető.
Racing cheap sailing boats - Hyde Sails Oz Goose Nationals Philippines 2017
Oz Goose sailplan Philippines Mk4 - oz goose sailboat

Oz Goose Class Rules 2017 (Philippines) – subject to much change.

This is an initial set of class rules for the Oz Goose Class sailboat. They are to provide a framework for the upcoming 2017 National Philippines Championships. As this is a Philippines Sailing Association (PSA) sanctioned event we need to have a basic class rule available for competitors and measurers. The rule is purely aimed at keeping the boats simple and affordable.
First Oz Goose National Titles Philippines - oz goose sailing dinghy

1st National Championships for Oz Goose sponsor Hyde Sails International

The first National Championships anywhere for the Oz Goose Sailing Dinghy Class will be held this November in the Philippines. Hyde Sails International will be the major sponsor. We have 14 boats confirmed, but it is possible the fleet could reach 20. There will be crews coming from Central and Southern Philippines as well.
Oz Goose simple sailing dinghy hull construction drawing model in CAD -

Useful drawings for builders – CAD model of Oz Goose

A set of wonderful Oz Goose construction images in CAD by Benjamin Shaw show just how easy it is to build. They will be hugely useful to help builders understand the relationship of the different parts during building